Visitor Visas

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Tailored Visitor

Visa Solutions for Every Purpose

Embark on your journey to the United States with Morton & Associates. Our dedicated team specializes in crafting personalized Visitor Visa solutions, ensuring your temporary stay is not only seamless but also aligned with your unique purpose. Whether for business, leisure, or cultural exchange, let us navigate the complexities of the application process, making your visit to the U.S. an enriching and memorable experience.

Visitor Visa Categories

B-1 Visa: Business Visitors

  • For individuals visiting the U.S. for business-related activities
  • Morton & Associates assists in obtaining B-1 visas, ensuring compliance with business-related travel requirements.

B-2 Visa: Tourist and Visitor for Pleasure

  • Designed for tourists and individuals visiting for leisure or recreational purposes
  • Morton & Associates facilitates the B-2 visa application process, providing guidance for a pleasant visit

B-1/B-2 Visa: Combined Business and Tourism

  • Allows for both business and tourist activities during the same trip
  • Morton & Associates guides individuals through the combined B-1/B-2 visa process, optimizing travel flexibility

B-1 in Lieu of H Visa

  • For foreign nationals coming to the U.S. to perform H-1B job duties temporarily
  • Morton & Associates assists in obtaining B-1 visas as an alternative for specific work-related visits

Visa Waiver Program (VWP)

  • Allows citizens of certain countries to travel to the U.S. for tourism or business without a visa for up to 90 days
  • Morton & Associates provides information and guidance on VWP eligibility and requirements

Transit (C) Visa

  • For individuals passing through the U.S. en route to another country
  • Morton & Associates assists in securing transit visas for smooth travel connections

Diplomatic and Official Visas (A, G, C-3)

  • For government officials, diplomats, and representatives of international organizations
  • Morton & Associates navigates the specific requirements for diplomatic and official visas (A, G, C-3), ensuring compliance with diplomatic protocols

J-1 Visa: Exchange Visitors

  • Designed for individuals participating in approved exchange programs
  • Morton & Associates guides exchange visitors through the J-1 visa process, fostering cultural exchange opportunities

Q-1 Visa: Cultural Exchange Visitors

  • For individuals participating in international cultural exchange programs
  • Morton & Associates assists in obtaining Q-1 visas, ensuring compliance with cultural exchange requirements

M Visa: Vocational and Nonacademic Students

  • For individuals enrolling in vocational or nonacademic programs
  • Morton & Associates provides support for M visa applicants, facilitating enrollment in approved vocational programs