Case Studies

Explore our solved cases and learn how we've helped individuals and families achieve their goals

Reuniting Families

A Heartfelt Reunion: Overcoming Immigration Hurdles for Family Unity

Discover how Morton & Associates facilitated the successful immigration process for a family separated by borders, bringing them together in the United States.

Employment Success

Professional Growth Across Borders: Securing an H-1B Visa

Read about our client's journey to obtaining an H-1B visa with Morton & Associates, unlocking new career opportunities and contributing valuable skills to the U.S. workforce.

Green Card Achievement

A Permanent Path: Navigating the Green Card Application Process

Explore how Morton & Associates guided an individual through the complexities of the green card application, leading to permanent residency and a secure future in the United States.

Asylum Granted

Providing Refuge: A Successful Asylum Case

Learn how Morton & Associates secured asylum for a client facing persecution, offering safety and protection in the U.S. through a carefully crafted legal strategy.

Overcoming Challenges

Triumph Over Adversity: Navigating a Complex Immigration Case

Delve into a challenging immigration case where Morton & Associates overcame obstacles, showcasing the firm's dedication, expertise, and commitment to client success.

Entrepreneurial Journey

From Vision to Reality: E-2 Visa Success

Explore the story of an ambitious entrepreneur who turned their business vision into reality with Morton & Associates. Learn how our strategic guidance and expertise in securing an E-2 visa paved the way for business success on U.S. soil.