Family-Based Visas

Uniting Families on the Journey to U.S. Residency

Bringing Loved Ones

Closer, Every Step of the Way

Morton & Associates specializes in various family-based visa categories, offering solutions to bring loved ones closer and facilitate family reunification in the United States. Led by Attorney [Last Name], our team navigates the nuances of family immigration with expertise and compassion.

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Family-Based Visa Categories

Spousal Visas (CR-1, IR-1)

  • CR-1: Conditional Resident Spouse Visa for married partners with a conditional status.
  • IR-1: Immediate Relative Spouse Visa for married partners with a permanent status.

Morton & Associates provides expert guidance in obtaining Spousal Visas (CR-1 and IR-1), facilitating the immigration process for spouses of U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Our team ensures timely reunification, allowing couples to build a future together in the United States.

Parent and Child Visas (F-1, F-2A, F-2B)

  • F-1: Unmarried children under 21 of U.S. citizens.
  • F-2A: Spouses and unmarried children under 21 of U.S. green card holders.
  • F-2B: Unmarried children over 21 of U.S. green card holders.

Families seeking to bring parents and children to the U.S. benefit from our assistance in obtaining Parent and Child Visas (F-1, F-2A, F-2B). Morton & Associates navigates the visa categories, streamlining the process for parents, unmarried children, and married children of U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

Sibling Visas (F-4)

  • F-4: Brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens

For those aspiring to reunite with siblings in the U.S., Morton & Associates guides through the application process for Sibling Visas (F-4). Our team assists in overcoming the unique challenges of this category, fostering family bonds across borders.

K Visa Categories (K-1, K-2, K-3, K-4)

The K visa categories, managed by Morton & Associates, are tailored to unite fiancé(e)s, spouses, and their children, providing a comprehensive solution for family reunification.

  • K-1 Visa (Fiancé(e)):
    • Designed for fiancé(e)s of U.S. citizens
    • Morton & Associates guides couples through the K-1 visa process, ensuring a smooth path to reunification.
  • K-2 Visa (Children of Fiancé(e)):
    • Accompanying children of fiancé(e)s under the age of 21
    • Morton & Associates assists in securing K-2 visas for the children, facilitating family unity
  • K-3 Visa (Spouse of U.S. Citizen):
    • Intended for spouses of U.S. citizens
    • Morton & Associates provides expert assistance in obtaining K-3 visas, streamlining the process for spouses to join their U.S. citizen partners
  • K-4 Visa (Children of Spouse):
    • Children of a spouse (stepchildren) under the age of 21
    • Morton & Associates facilitates the K-4 visa application process, ensuring the smooth immigration of stepchildren

Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) - Aging Out Protection

Under the CSPA, certain children may retain eligibility for certain immigration benefits even if they age out (turn 21) during the visa processing. Morton & Associates provides guidance on CSPA protections, ensuring the smooth transition of eligible children to permanent residency.

Widower/Widow(er) of a U.S. Citizen (Form I-360)

Widows or widowers of U.S. citizens may be eligible for immigration benefits under Form I-360. Morton & Associates provides support in filing the petition and navigating the process for widowed individuals seeking immigration benefits