Family-Based Visas

Uniting Families on the Journey to U.S. Residency

Bringing Loved Ones

Closer, Every Step of the Way

Morton & Associates specializes in various family-based visa categories, offering solutions to bring loved ones closer and facilitate family reunification in the United States. Led by Jonathan Morton, our team navigates the nuances of family immigration with expertise and compassion.

Family-Based Visa Categories

Spousal Visas (CR-1, IR-1)

  • CR-1: Conditional Resident Spouse Visa for married partners with a conditional status.
  • IR-1: Immediate Relative Spouse Visa for married partners with a permanent status.

Morton & Associates provides expert guidance in obtaining Spousal Visas (CR-1 and IR-1), facilitating the immigration process for spouses of U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Our team ensures timely reunification, allowing couples to build a future together in the United States.

Parent and Child Visas (F-1, F-2A, F-2B)

  • F-1: Unmarried children under 21 of U.S. citizens.
  • F-2A: Spouses and unmarried children under 21 of U.S. green card holders.
  • F-2B: Unmarried children over 21 of U.S. green card holders.

Families seeking to bring parents and children to the U.S. benefit from our assistance in obtaining Parent and Child Visas (F-1, F-2A, F-2B). Morton & Associates navigates the visa categories, streamlining the process for parents, unmarried children, and married children of U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

Sibling Visas (F-4)

  • F-4: Brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens

For those aspiring to reunite with siblings in the U.S., Morton & Associates guides through the application process for Sibling Visas (F-4). Our team assists in overcoming the unique challenges of this category, fostering family bonds across borders.

K Visa Categories (K-1, K-2, K-3, K-4)

The K visa categories, managed by Morton & Associates, are tailored to unite fiancé(e)s, spouses, and their children, providing a comprehensive solution for family reunification.

  • K-1 Visa (Fiancé(e)):
    • Designed for fiancé(e)s of U.S. citizens
    • Morton & Associates guides couples through the K-1 visa process, ensuring a smooth path to reunification.
  • K-2 Visa (Children of Fiancé(e)):
    • Accompanying children of fiancé(e)s under the age of 21
    • Morton & Associates assists in securing K-2 visas for the children, facilitating family unity
  • K-3 Visa (Spouse of U.S. Citizen):
    • Intended for spouses of U.S. citizens
    • Morton & Associates provides expert assistance in obtaining K-3 visas, streamlining the process for spouses to join their U.S. citizen partners
  • K-4 Visa (Children of Spouse):
    • Children of a spouse (stepchildren) under the age of 21
    • Morton & Associates facilitates the K-4 visa application process, ensuring the smooth immigration of stepchildren

Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) - Aging Out Protection

Under the CSPA, certain children may retain eligibility for certain immigration benefits even if they age out (turn 21) during the visa processing. Morton & Associates provides guidance on CSPA protections, ensuring the smooth transition of eligible children to permanent residency.

Widower/Widow(er) of a U.S. Citizen (Form I-360)

Widows or widowers of U.S. citizens may be eligible for immigration benefits under Form I-360. Morton & Associates provides support in filing the petition and navigating the process for widowed individuals seeking immigration benefits